About us

The brand Eataste is a combination of two words: EAT, which has the same pronunciation of the abbreviation for Italy, IT, and TASTE. Eataste is about discovering the authentic flavours of the Italian food culture.

Operating with both the Horeca channel and large retailers, we make high quality Italian products reachable by anyone in the market.

To achieve the greater goal of spreading healthy eating habits of Italian cuisine, Eataste also organizes events aimed at educating the end-consumer on the use of genuine Italian products that are key components of the Mediterranean diet.

The key to our long-lasting presence in the markets is

  • Product selection: we identity and offer products of excellence from the Italian regional traditions
  • Suppliers selection: we work directly with producers that share our mission and ensure high quality standards of products supplied
  • Customers selection: we cooperate with customers that share our vision

Year by year, the company aims to create a growing number of partnerships, creating a commercial network of high quality Italian producers and international customers ranging from private individuals to large retailers.